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Hair Transplantation Affordability

Hair transplant centres charge a fee of 2 to 5 pounds and individuals with thinning hair will always feel discouraged. It makes it hard for them to seek hair reversing solutions. The hair restoration centres believe that when hair transplant providers give hair transplants by chain store hospitals, then the quality of services will be […]

Repairing Hair Transplantation Scarring

If you have had the unfortunate experience to undergo poor hair transplantation surgery, you may have scarring. For example, imagine if you were to have a follicle unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant and three strip hair transplants from a doctor that did not have the best reputation. You might wind up with three large scars, […]

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss affects millions of people through-out the world and with that in mind there are a lot of people who can do next to nothing about it. There are creams, shampoos and even prescription medication but even with those nothing seems permanent. With so many people affected by hair loss, what all can cause […]