Is a New Nose for You?

Given that nose jobs are the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States, it seems like just about anyone can get it done. But just because someone has the cash and desire doesn’t mean they should necessarily rush to the nearest rhinoplasty surgeon. Before deciding to go under the knife for this common-but-still-considerable procedure, review the following guidelines to make sure you’re a good candidate:

Be clear on the “why”. There are different reasons for getting a nose job – some people are mainly concerned about aesthetics, while others are looking to repair the way their nose actually functions. If your natural nose makes you self-conscious, depressed, or socially inhibited, surgical correction can make a difference. The following types of nasal conditions are common reasons for considering a nose job: unusually large or wide, crooked, bumpy, internally obstructed, droopy tip, etc. But whether the goal is to expand, reduce, or reshape, candidates that are clear on why they want or need to change their nose, and have thought it through rationally (not just emotionally), have the highest satisfaction in the end.

Set realistic expectations. Nose surgery candidates that are generally already happy and content with their lives fare best, because they are not looking for the procedure to transform them into a different person. These candidates recognize that surgery may be a means to achieve more self-confidence and improve their quality of life, but they are realistic about the outcome they want to achieve, and aren’t on an endless search for perfection.

Age isn’t just a number. Nose job candidates must be at least 13 years old, and ideally more like 15-16 to ensure the nose has fully developed and facial features have generally settled in.

Get your doctor’s OK. It may seem like no big deal but a nose job is still a surgery. Patients that are healthy overall and don’t smoke or have major medical conditions are the best candidates for the procedure.

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