Lingual Braces

Many people are concerned about their appearances, especially kids and teenagers who may fear how their school friends perceive them after they have braces. Invisalign Birmingham patients are also very concerned about their appearances. One other option that orthodontic dentistry offers is a new technique called lingual braces. Lingual braces are metal braces that are placed on the back side of the teeth. This way, the braces are unseen from the front. One negative about wearing lingual braces is that they can affect the tongue of the wearer. It might make it tough to speak for the first few days. Also, these braces can cut and scrape the tongue if they are not properly fitted. Lingual braces cost more than traditional braces, but offer the same results. Finding a dentist Palm Beach residents can consult about lingual braces is easy. Many lingual dentists advertise this as a specialty since it is a new and popular technique.

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