Repairing Hair Transplantation Scarring

If you have had the unfortunate experience to undergo poor hair transplantation surgery, you may have scarring. For example, imagine if you were to have a follicle unit extraction (FUE) hair transplant and three strip hair transplants from a doctor that did not have the best reputation. You might wind up with three large scars, with a pair being closed by way of trichophytic.

Regardless of how they are closed, you are understandably concerned about your three large scars, and you might be wondering whether your doctor has effectively ruined your donor area. Many people in this situation are desperate to fix the scars left behind from previous doctors and finally complete their frontal hairline. However, the question remains with regards to whether or not this is possible, and if you could have your scars revised.

Though a definite answer is difficult to provide for such a complicated situation, it is possible to improve upon or revise some past scars. However, it is rarely ever brought to complete, 100 percent satisfaction. Many doctors have been known to be able to improve the areas of donation in a patient that has either have very large scars or several scars in the donor area from previous doctors. It is also possible to make a cosmetic improvement to grafts that were placed before.

It is important to note that a patient who must undergo repair from an unacceptable or failed hair transplant will probably have to undergo several sessions. In order to get back that natural look, you will probably need more than one session. You may not get complete rectification under very extreme circumstances, however. This is why it is important to select a surgeon with consistent results of excellence, regardless of how much it costs to undergo the surgery.

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