What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss affects millions of people through-out the world and with that in mind there are a lot of people who can do next to nothing about it. There are creams, shampoos and even prescription medication but even with those nothing seems permanent. With so many people affected by hair loss, what all can cause it?

One of the first things people look into when they find themselves starting to go bald is their parents. In fact, many people with balding mother’s or father’s have probably already been eyeing their mother and father to see what they might look like one day and praying that the baldness gene skips their generation.

However, genetics is not the only way a person can end up going bald. There are plenty of ways a person can start to go bald and some of those ways include their own little cures.

Substance abuse can hurt a person’s hair. At first it will start to thin in places, but as drug use wears on then so does the affect on the hair. For healthier hair, it might be time to check into rehab.

Pregnancy or menopause can also affect the hair. When a woman’s hormones are up in the air and surrounded by that emotional rollercoaster feeling it can affect the hair causing it to get very thin or dry and eventually fall out little by little. However when hormones go back to normal than so does the hair.

Age is also a factor. Sometimes as we get older our bodies just do not adjust well to it and we end up getting wrinkles, wearing dark saggy circles under our eyes and losing our hair.

Poor hygiene/ poor nutrition are also something to look into when you start losing hair. The old saying you are what you eat rings true here. So if you are eating unhealthy it will show in your hair and skin. If you are not taking care of your hair, like not washing it or over washing it then that can cause some issues with baldness.

Hair loss can come to people from all walks of life, but thanks to hair transplant surgery something can be done about it. If you are at your wit’s end and have tried changing your lifestyle and still no change in your baldness, then it may be time to look into hair transplants.

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